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Who We Are

We are scientists, engineers, and business people dedicated to solving global problems that affect how human-kind lives, works, and plays on our planet and in space.

We turn science into data, and data into knowledge.

Our expertise is based upon a foundation of fundamental space physics research, satellite systems and sensor design, project management, technology development, and other cutting edge engineering capabilities. 


With a combined breadth of experience spanning several decades and multiple disciplines, the Orion Team provides unique capabilities, customized engineering, and data services to customers in both the public and private sectors.


We have a reputation for "building things that work", and we are committed to maintaining this by continually improving quality and performance.


Our partners and collaborators around the world rely on us to develop and deploy cutting edge instrumentation, allowing for complete and reliable solutions. 

Geoff Crowley, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

As an accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record of technology development and commercialization success, Geoff brings his passion for applying scientific knowledge and engineering principles to solving real-world problems.

Geoff excels at forming and leading teams to develop and commercialize new technologies. These include specialized GPS-receivers, RF technologies, and several other miniaturized CubeSat instruments. Under his leadership, Orion maintains > 80th percentile for commercialization of SBIR Phase-II products. ​

Geoff earned his PhD in Ionospheric Physics from the University of Leicester, UK and a B.S. in Physics from the University of Durham, UK. He has published over 150 scientific articles on his research into space physics and space weather, establishing his experience and credibility in these fields. 

Chad Fish

Chief Operations Officer

Chad Fish is the Chief Operating Officer at OSS. Prior to that he was the Chief Technical Officer and then the COO at OmniEarth Analytics. He has also served as the branch manager, PI, PM, and systems engineer in the Space Environment Measurements branches of SDL’s Civil and Military Space divisions and was the Director of Space Instrumentation in the Center for Space Engineering at USU.


Mr. Fish has been a research scientist, PM, SE, and electrical design engineer on various International Space Station (ISS), satellite, CubeSat, and sounding rocket projects. His technical background is in upper atmospheric radar and electro-optical remote sensing techniques, in-situ and remote ionospheric sensing techniques, high-speed analog and digital electronics, and power systems. Mr. Fish has an M.S in Electrical Engineering from Utah State University.

Gerald Thompson

Senior VP of Strategy

Gerald leads the Operations and Business Development cycle from capture and proposal Management, through customer satisfaction and retention for Orion's government and commercial customers.  He is responsible for developing and executing the commercialization strategy across Orion's five divisions and spin-off organizations.


Gerald maintains a focus on building strategic relationships that amplify mutual capabilities, and produce and maintain competitive advantage for our customers. In a prior organization, Gerald led the product Innovation and Operations roles enabling technology development and growth that doubled revenues three times. 


Junk Wilson

Senior VP for Military Relations

Junk Wilson, Senior Vice President for Orion Space Solutions, heads OSS efforts to deliver System Engineering and Integration support to the U.S. Space Force, Space Systems Command (SSC) in Colorado Springs, CO. The team executes in multiple geographies (Florida, San Diego, and Hawaii), supporting warfighters in INDOPACOM, SOCOM, and EUCOM, providing advanced situational awareness to warfighters to better understand the impact of the current space environment. Junk joined OSS in 2022 after spending six years with Booz Allen Hamilton and retiring from the U.S. Air Force. Junk’s 24-year USAF career started as a graduate of the U.S. Air Force Academy with a degree in Applied Physics, followed by selection for pilot training. Finishing 2nd in his class, he was selected to fly the premier air superiority fighter, the F-15C. His time in the F-15 included combat and culminated as a Mission Commander leading large formation of dissimilar aircraft in Offensive and Defensive Counter Air missions.

John Noto, PhD

Chief Scientist

John has over 25 years’ experience as an optical scientist and engineer, with expertise in remote sensing. He has been awarded six patents in optical telecommunications and optical sensing. Specializing in the design and construction of optical sensors, his team built and tested the UV optical system in the CTIP photometer delivered to Boeing for SENSE SMC CubeSat mission. John was the PI on the ExoCube CubeSat mission funded by the National Science Foundation; ExoCube 2 is expected to launch in the near future. As a division of CPI, he continues to develop innovative optical sensor and space technologies.

As an advocate for small business, he continues to mentor for the NSF I-CORP program and the E_for_all business accelerator; and, in 2013, co-founded Lowell Makes, a 501(c)(3) community maker space and business incubator in Lowell Massachusetts

Rachel Hauser

VP of Strategic Communications

Rachel manages the front-line Business Development process. Her efforts span from business opportunity planning and strategy through capture and proposal management, including identifying and managing deliverables through the entire life-cycle of each development opportunity.

Working in engagement and relationship development for the past 15 years, Rachel identified, developed, and promoted collaborations amongst donors and government agencies for both the University of Colorado, and the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research. Her ability to identify, engage, and cultivate funding opportunities, as well as highlight the exciting research underway at OSS promotes our strategic initiatives and business objectives.

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