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SmallSat & CubeSat Spacecraft

Let us connect your next big idea with engineering reality in a small CubeSat package that fits comfortably inside your budget.

Orion Space Solutions™ helps our customers utilize low cost access to space by providing innovative CubeSat sensors and subsystems, engineering robust CubeSat system-designs based on your measurement and scientific needs, and providing in-depth mission analysis to ensure mission success and scientific closure. 

In addition to our CubeSat systems, we specialize in miniaturization of sensor and other instrumentation as we continually strive to meet compatibility requirements for small platforms. Our work on recent CubeSat science missions demonstrates our ability to meet our customer's high demands and stringent requirements to provide the tools they need to achieve the goals of their missions.


Space Science

  • Mission & System Design of Small-Satellite & CubeSat Platforms

  • Modeling SmallSat Subsystem & Ground Segment Interactions

  • Simulating Operational Scenarios

  • Remote Sensing Design & Analysis Services

  • Space Physics Research & Data

Space Awareness

  • Monitoring Space Assets & Debris - spacecraft drag, wear & tear & collision avoidance

  • Solar Activity - global climate inflection

  • Electro-magnetic Disturbances - power grid disruption, communication outages

  • Radiation Emittance - exposure to astronauts

  • Synoptic Climatology - trending of atmospheric parameters yielding climate info



SORTIE provides the initial spectrum of wave perturbations which are the starting point for the RF calculation, provides measured electric fields which determine the magnitude of the instability growth rate near where plasma bubbles are generated, and provides initial observations of the irregularities in plasma density which result from instability growth. 

DICE (1).jpg

DICE CubeSat

Launched in 2011, DICE provided the first successful observations of SED’s and FAC’s from a CubeSat, in addition to the fastest comm. rates achieved by scientific CubeSat.

  • Two Langmuir probes to measure in-situ ionospheric plasma densities.

  • Science and attitude magnetometers

  • Four electric field probeson 5-meter cable booms

sortie dep.jpg

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